Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We are getting better at bathtime!

We decided to switch our bathtime location from the tub to the kitchen sink and what a good idea that was! Not only can mommy stand up while giving a bath but Peighton seems to enjoy it so much more. She only cries when we wash her face, she doesn't like that AT ALL! At first she cried when we washed her hair (or what she has left of it, ha) but now she seems to enjoy that too. In fact, I must admit that while I found bathtime to be a bit stressful at first, even I am now loving it!

Are you my mother?

I love it when she looks at me like this! What a cutie!

Sleeping in Mom & Dad's Bed

Everyone likes to give advice to new parents (which is greatly appreciated of course). One of the pieces of advice that seems to be pretty consistent is "don't let your baby sleep in your bed or you'll never get her out of it". I guess we decided not to listen to this advice as you can see. Hopefully we won't have a three year old sleeping in bed with us....ut-oh!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Zonked Out with Dad

We know she is officially out cold when the arm hangs down like this - indicating it's okay for us to put her down in her crib. Ha!

Meeting More Relatives

Miss P got to meet yet another Mull relative on Sunday. Aunt Jeanne stopped by for a delicious brunch that Gramy Rosie made for us!

Meeting L Roy and Uncle Drew

We stopped by Nessie and Drew's on Sunday so Little Miss Twiddle could meet Uncle Drew and cousin L Roy for the first time and what fun we had! Mr. L was so cute with her offering her kisses several times. He was napping when we arrived and when he woke up to find a baby seat on his counter with P in it, he screamed "Bah-bahs" and it was so adorable. He has grown so much and is looking more like a little boy than a baby. It makes me realize how quicking our gal is going to grow too. We love visiting Maine and can't wait to go back!

First Trip to Oak Hill Lodge

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Hippie Chick

Thanks to Andrea for outfitting our gal in tye dye, she looked adorable in this dress. It goes perfectly with her red hair, or what she has left of it!

Bath Time Fun!

No more sponge baths for our Little Miss Twiddle! She has officially gone from a newborn to an infant (or so her Nana says) since she no longer has that crazy umbilical cord stub...and thank goodness for that, it kind of freaked me out to be honest, ha! She didn't know what to make of the bath at first but decided to tell us how she really felt, as you can see in this picture. She is so full of personality already!