Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Day

Today we had yet another snow storm!  We got 7 more inches of fresh powder.  Too bad we don't ski!  Peighton and I got all bundled up and went out to play while the snow was still coming down hard.  I am not sure she knew what to make of the white stuff but we sure had a great time playing in it.  I realized we are desperately in need of a sled - especially if we are going to continue getting SO much snow.  The best part for me, however, was getting all cozy and warm inside afterward!

Helping Mommy Fold Laundry

Carla's Sweater

Miss P has been given so many beautiful gifts from Rosie and Brian's friends...this sweater is one of them.  Carla knitted this fantastic sweater vest and Peighton looks so adorable in it!  Thank you so much Carla!  You might need to teach me how to knit this so I can make some more when she grows out of it!

Rosie and Miss P

Mommy/Daughter Bathtime

Christmas Day

Baby's First Christmas

Christmas Eve at Grammy and Tubbsie's!

First Snow Adventure

While we were up in Maine for Christmas, we were blessed with at least a half a foot of snow!  Grammy Rosie, Peighton, and I decided to venture out in it for some fresh air.  Peighton went in her Ergo carrier with an enormous coat zipped up around it.  She seemed to enjoy the cold weather well enough at that point but I was really wishing that I had the Peekaru vest to keep her warm.  Luckily, there was one under the tree on Christmas and now it is much easier to venture out in the snow!  What a fun day this was Grammy Rosie.  In case you are wondering, in the last picture we are attempting to write "Merry Christmas" in the snow since our plans to make a snowman failed miserably due to the powder-like snow!

Christmas Round One

This year we had many Christmas celebrations!  This was the first one we had at our home in Westborough, MA.  Miss P was not really sure about how she felt about unwrapping gifts but she certainly liked the wrapping paper.  In fact, we could have just given her wrapping paper to play with and she would have been overjoyed!  Lesson learned for our next baby, ha!  We had so much fun watching her as she seemed puzzled by all the khaos going on around her during each of our three celebrations.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011