Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Leggo My Eggo!

Playing with Grace at Holy Cross - Future Crusaders?

First Swim Class

Saturday mornings, late January through February, you will find us at the pool at the YMCA!  Peighton went in the pool for the first time this January and definitely inherited a love for swimming just like her mom!  She is already jumping off the side (from a sitting position of course) and kicking her legs and arms.  When we first got in, she latched on to me for dear life - which I adored - but it wasn't five minutes before she was pushing away from me wanting to explore the side of the pool, the drain, and the lane lines.  We signed up for a class so we could swim with other kids her age, play with the duckies that fill the pool during class, slide down the "water" slide, and sing silly songs.  We definitely have a blast splashing around!