Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Smiles!

First Smiles

I don't care if the "experts" say that babies don't smile right away, and that it just looks that way when they have gas. I don't believe it for a second. This is definitely a smile if you ask me! We were so lucky to have caught this one!

Nap Time with Dad

I couldn't help but snap a picture of this adorable sight. The two babes napping on a Friday afternoon. Ahh, it makes me want to lay down myself. There is something about babies, they are almost like a sleeping pill. Love it!

Baby Wonderful

Aunt VV and Miss P

Visit from Gran and Aunt VV

Dad and Ness came down for a visit last Saturday! We had so much fun. It was adorable when they got here because we all cried - naturally - we are Allen's afterall. They were able to stay most of the day before tring to get home for Mr. L's bedtime. We had a great time hanging out all day and even took a walk with Miss P to grab some lunch. A quick stroll down the street to the pizza shop took much longer however because I did not want to cross the busy intersection streets with P in the stroller....Dad was laughing at me because I was nervous to cross the road in general. He said, "Kat, do you want me to get out there and stop traffic before you cross?"...I thought to myself that that was not such a bad idea, ha! I am much more comfortable now but still look twelve times before crossing when I am with her. It's funny how much things change, I used to cross the road without giving it a second thought (and barely looking to see if a car was coming for that matter). Look at me now!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Nana and I adore this outfit!

Nana was such a huge help in the first few weeks! She came down twice for a couple days at a time to help with everything. We had a lot of fun and she helped me conquer several of my fears (mostly driving with such prescious cargo) and really helped me relax in general! I am eternally grateful - thank you to dad too for letting her out of her print shop duties for a few days to help me and Miss P!!

Grandma Rosie!

Both my mom and Pat's mom were with us at the hospital during the delivery which was wonderful support since I was so nervous! Here is Grandma Rosie meeting her first grandchild for the first time!

Meeting Auntie Erica and Uncle Casey!

Er and Case came to the hospital on Friday night, when she was two days old, to meet her for the first time. Erica cried of course! They visited for a few hours but were on their way to Albert's graduation so they had to continue on their trip to NY. We were so happy they got to meet her so quickly!

Meeting the Massachusetts Cousins!

The first meeting with the the Massachusetts cousins went off without a hitch! L was already able to say her name when she came in the door and had a very pensive look on her face when she saw her laying in her crib but was all smiles after she realized that "this one is not going home with them". And of course, our darling A was trying to climb right in with her. She placed a firm grip on the edge of the crib and was ready to dive in head first. Luckily, her mommy had a good hold on her! They visited for most of the afternoon and really tested little miss P's ability to sleep through anything. We decided to pull the air mattress out and use it in the nursery as a trampoline, which L and A got a complete kick out of, but was not a quiet even. Wouldn't you know, P slept through the whole thing. Is so fun to envision all the cousins playing together in the very near future. Can't wait to see the MA cousins again soon!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, what a wonderful adventure this is going to be!

Our little gal was born Wednesday, May 12th at 4:04pm weighing 7lbs. 15oz. She was 22" in length and she is absolutely beautiful. She has her father's feet and legs and her mother's red hair. She has gorgeous blue eyes that she already opens wide and a very adorable smile.

We had four great days at the hospital (amazing nursing staff helps a lot) and were a little nervous about our ride home and leaving the hospital but as you can see, little miss P really loved her car seat and was full of smiles when we put her in it. I can't say she liked putting on clothes and shoes as much however, especially since her sweater and onsie were huge on her, I guess mommy has some learning to do. She slept the whole way home while daddy drove in the slow lane very cautiously.

Upon arriving home, it took a few minutes for her to get aquainted with her surroundings but we are managing just fine after a week of fun and adventures. It's so neat to think that each day brings something new for her and she is learning about herself and about her parents every second. Her parents are learning every second, too!