Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh, what a wonderful adventure this is going to be!

Our little gal was born Wednesday, May 12th at 4:04pm weighing 7lbs. 15oz. She was 22" in length and she is absolutely beautiful. She has her father's feet and legs and her mother's red hair. She has gorgeous blue eyes that she already opens wide and a very adorable smile.

We had four great days at the hospital (amazing nursing staff helps a lot) and were a little nervous about our ride home and leaving the hospital but as you can see, little miss P really loved her car seat and was full of smiles when we put her in it. I can't say she liked putting on clothes and shoes as much however, especially since her sweater and onsie were huge on her, I guess mommy has some learning to do. She slept the whole way home while daddy drove in the slow lane very cautiously.

Upon arriving home, it took a few minutes for her to get aquainted with her surroundings but we are managing just fine after a week of fun and adventures. It's so neat to think that each day brings something new for her and she is learning about herself and about her parents every second. Her parents are learning every second, too!

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  1. ... I don't know about learning... but they sure are doing a beautiful job at being parents!