Sunday, May 30, 2010

Visit from Gran and Aunt VV

Dad and Ness came down for a visit last Saturday! We had so much fun. It was adorable when they got here because we all cried - naturally - we are Allen's afterall. They were able to stay most of the day before tring to get home for Mr. L's bedtime. We had a great time hanging out all day and even took a walk with Miss P to grab some lunch. A quick stroll down the street to the pizza shop took much longer however because I did not want to cross the busy intersection streets with P in the stroller....Dad was laughing at me because I was nervous to cross the road in general. He said, "Kat, do you want me to get out there and stop traffic before you cross?"...I thought to myself that that was not such a bad idea, ha! I am much more comfortable now but still look twelve times before crossing when I am with her. It's funny how much things change, I used to cross the road without giving it a second thought (and barely looking to see if a car was coming for that matter). Look at me now!

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  1. I'll have to let the folks at First Federal see this! They will welcome her into the Bank Family!