Tuesday, October 26, 2010

sitting up for the FIRST time!!!!!

Miss P is finally sitting up! We have been practicing with a little bit of support on the back, holding her hands, or in the Bumbo seat and more often than not, when I let go for a brief moment it results in a bit of a topple. But on Sunday night (during our daily nude/air out the bum/diaper free session), she didn't topple! In fact, she sat this way for a few minutes. We had to catch her and prop her back up a few times but it definitely qualified as sitting up on her own. What a big girl! Everyone always says how fast time goes with children and to make sure to appreciate every moment. I realized how true that is when she reaches another milestone in life. Yeah Miss P!
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  1. What a smartie, that grandaughter of mine definitely takes after her Nana, hee, hee! Time surely does fly, there is no doubt about that. The amazing part with children is that you still care and worry and marvel and feel proud of them whether it's that their sitting up, or raising beautiful children of their own!

  2. She's getting so big! I can't wait to see the Halloween pics! :) Give Peighton a big kiss from me!