Tuesday, October 26, 2010

woah red hair!

Miss P's hair has been looking more and more red lately and this pic really shows just how red it is, or rather orange. It's coming in much thicker on the top, like a mohawk...very cute! I am guessing she will eventually have freckles too, just like her mom and her aunties. Thanks Gran, I am pretty sure you are the one passing along the red hair gene!
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  1. What a precious picture! She looks so in love with Mommie! Oh, about the red hair gene...not so sure you can pin it down to one person, my Grandma Bartlett was a redhead, my Mom's nickname in HS was "Red", Patti always had red hair, and let us not forget Pat's grandfather...whose always gone by "Red"... but Dad is only too happy to take the credit!