Monday, November 15, 2010

avocado....yum, yum!

Miss P had been "eating" (really just making a huge mess and maybe swallowing a morsel here and there) her rice cereal and oatmeal for a couple weeks when Pat and I decided that it was time for her to move on to bigger, better, and tastier foods on November 10th. We had consulted with a few other moms and our pediatrician and decided to start with avocado. I didn't have high expectations to be honest but, as usual, our little miss suprised both of us and ate almost the whole bowl full. She seemed to LOVE it and I think she might have swallowed more of it than she wore....although these pic's don't really show that to be true, ha! I hear the oils in avocado are good for the skin so she must know that as she gave herself an avocado face mask the second time she tried it. She was tired, rubbing her eyes, and smeared the food all over her face right before bed. What a good girl - already trying to maintain that beauty!
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