Monday, November 8, 2010

vanessa's 30th birthday party

On Saturday we packed up the car to head to Maine for Auntie VV's 30th birthday party. Drew planned a fantastic suprise for Nessie at Roller World where all the guests put on their favorite 80's attire and a pair of skates. I'll tell ya, I don't think they have changed a single thing about that place since the 80's (last time any of us were there, ha!). Everyone had a blast....everyone that is EXCEPT our little one. Miss P was not impressed. The tears started when her mom came downstairs from getting ready with crimpped hair, a leotard, and leg warmers - the hair definitely freaked her out the most! The crying continued when we got to the party - not sure if it was the 80's music, the scary outfits, or the sheer kahos of the event in general. Luckily, her daddy, nana, and gran were there to help so I could bust a move in the skating rink. She managed to cry most of the time we were there...the DJ felt so bad for her that he gave her one of the light up, spinny toys (I am sure that is the official name) which appeased her for a bit. Auntie Jess would say she is a bit of an introvert and this just confirms it. The party was totally radical man, Happy Birthday Anntie VV!
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