Monday, November 8, 2010

oatmeal, yum!

Lastnight we decided to make a switch from rice cereal to oatmeal. We haven't moved on to 'real' solids yet because she still has the tongue-thrusting thing going on and is wearing more of the cereal than she is eating. In fact, I am pretty sure she isn't swallowing any of it! But munching at this age is simply about practicing for a lifetime of eating so we just keep getting messy twice a day in the hopes that one day soon she will open up wide, take a bite, and actually swallow. I think she liked the oatmeal more than the baby rice though and really wanted to dive right into it with her hands. She is too funny - she wants to hold the spoon on her own and manages to get it to her mouth but by the time it's made it's way there, the food is no longer on it! She insists on keeping her thumb in her mouth during meals as well - as you can see - which makes getting that spoon into her mouth quite a challenge. We make a little progess every day but it's a good thing that a majority of her food is coming from milk or else she would be one hungry bunny!
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  1. Too cute! I don't know Miss P... I think I like that rice cereal an awful lot! But then, Nana likes Cream of Rice which Gran always turns his nose up at. In the day... we used to sweeten the deal with some mashed bananas... but, now.. hmmm, you get the short end of the stick!

  2. Nana, we decided to add some bananas to her oatmeal this morning - good idea! It thickens the bananas so there might actually be a shot at the food getting to her mouth without falling off the spoon :) We still made a huge mess but we have learned to embrace it!